Dog Training School

No Dog Is Too Old for New Tricks

No Dog Is Too Old for New Tricks

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Welcoming a dog into your life is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling choices you can make, but poor training or obedience issues can turn a joyful experience into a nightmare. At Posh Paw Resort, we provide in-home, private and group dog training classes in Temple, TX. Schedule brief appointments or take advantage of our dog training school for combined daycare services.

Dealing with an unruly puppy? We've all been there. That's why we offer puppy school to teach positive behaviors right from the beginning.

You can pair any of our grooming or daycare services with dog training school for your convenience. Call today to learn more about our affordable rates.

Building off the basics

Just like people, every dog needs to learn at their own pace. Our dog training classes always keep your pup engaged, comfortable and excited to learn. Whether we're training a puppy or a full-grown dog, some of our common goals include:

  • Basic commands like sit, come and stay
  • Reducing the urge to bite skin or jump
  • Keeping focus and attention on the trainer or owner

If you have a dog who's difficult to walk on a leash or tearing apart furniture, we offer specialized private or in-home classes to help curb unwanted behaviors. We always use positive reinforcement without any force or anger.

Reach out today to discuss our training classes in more detail.