Every Pet Deserves To Be Pampered

Every Pet Deserves To Be Pampered

We offer luxurious cat and dog grooming services in Temple, TX

Did your dog have a little too much fun in a muddy yard? Is your kitty looking more like a ball of fur every day? Posh Paw Resort offers professional dog and cat grooming services in Temple, TX. Once we're through, your pet will be squeaky-clean, perfectly pampered and ready to do have fun all over again.

Each dog or cat's appointment with us is custom-tailored to their specific needs. We offer gentle and soothing grooming services with no harmful chemicals or stressful experiences.

Call today to set up an appointment for dog or cat grooming.

Tame your pup's ball of fluff

Every grooming appointment starts with a relaxing, warm bath with one of our luxury shampoos. After your pooch has been lathered and rinsed, they'll be fluffed dry and ready for the grooming table! Our dog grooming services include:

Bath: in addition to their bath, we'll also clean their ears, blow dry, brush out and de-shed. They'll also receive nail trimming and fragrance services.
Bath and tidy: after the full bath experience, we'll trim and tidy up their face, furnishings and sanitary areas.
Full groom: after their bath, your pup will receive a full-body haircut in any style of your choice. We'll finish with fragrances and a bow or bandana to complete the look.

We ask that your pet is appropriately vaccinated before you schedule your appointment. To learn more about our dog grooming services, contact a member of our team today.